Environments that Support Risk Taking – Part 1

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In this Community of Learning module, we explore the idea of risk-taking as an educator in our contexts. This module is based on an online conversation held with Susan Stacey at Early Learning Café.

 This module includes:

  1. Video presentation
  2. Pedagogical leader’s guide that includes:
    • Reflective questions
    • Professional learning activities
    • Additional resources
  3. Professional learning template

All components of this module are downloadable. The video can also be streamed, and the pedagogical leaders guide accessed live through Early Learning Café.

How much time does this module take?

This module offers 15 to 90 minutes of professional learning. Communities of Learning modules are designed with flexibility in mind so that professional learning can take place when time is limited (such as staff or team meetings), or when longer time frames are available (such as Communities of Practice gatherings). The amount of professional learning time will depend on variables set by the facilitator:

  • The amount of reflection time the facilitator allows in large and small group discussions.
  • Whether none, some, or all of the additional resources in the pedagogical leader’s guide are utilized.
  • The number of participants who engage in this professional learning at one time.

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