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Democratic Spaces for Early Learning Module 2 is rooted in ideas shared by Suzanne Axelsson about fostering democracy with young children in early learning spaces. This is the second of a four-part series about creating democratic spaces in early learning programs and classrooms.

In Module 2 we explore how educators’ patterns of communication and interactions with children shape:

  • Children’s experiences of democracy
  • Children’s knowledge of how to act democratically

Suzanne Axelsson is an educator, university professor, presenter, and early childhood consultant. She also inspires educators around the globe through her blog Interaction Imagination.

This module includes:

  1. Video presentation
  2. Leader’s Guide that is a companion to the video. The Leader’s Guide supports an educator, pedagogical leader, teacher trainer, staff manager, or teacher of teachers to engage with others in group learning. The Leader’s Guide includes:
    1. How to prepare for the group learning
    2. Ice breaker activity
    3. Strategies for interspersing small and large group discussions with watching and listening to the video
    4. Reflective questions that help participants relate ideas from the video to their unique experiences and contexts
    5. Timing for discussions and activities
    6. Additional information and resources for further study
  1. Supplementary resource: “Power On, For, With”
  2. Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Form to record the time and personalized learning gained through this professional learning experience.

All components of this module are downloadable. The video can also be streamed, and the leader’s guide accessed live through Early Learning Café.

How much time does this module take?

This module offers 45-75 minutes of professional learning.

Modules may be shared with educators in a single time block. Alternatively, these modules may be broken into smaller time chunks to guide professional learning over time.

The amount of professional learning time will depend on variables set by the facilitator:

  • Whether the icebreaker is used
  • The amount of reflection time the facilitator allows in large and small group discussions
  • Whether none, some, or all of the additional resources in the pedagogical leader’s guide are utilized
  • The number of participants who engage in this professional learning at one time

Terms of use: 

Packages are copyrighted by Early Learning Café. Each purchase entitles the purchaser unlimited access for educational purposes within their organization and is not to be shared electronically outside of the organization. Business-for-profit use is prohibited.


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